Preschool / Kindergarten

preFor our preschool/kindergarten programs, we use Seeds and Promise weeklies by Pflaum Publishers. Each lesson falls into three parts: life stories that connect with children's own experiences; listening to the Gospel; and building Christian Community, which encourages using the Gospel hands-on. Along with these, we teach and encourage parents to help the children learn:


3 year olds

- Sign of the cross
- Grace before meals (Bless us, oh Lord...)
- Prayer of praise and thanksgiving

4 year olds

- Angel of God prayer
- Hail Mary
- First three Commandments, short form
  (learned through song)


- Our Father
- Glory Be
- The Ten Commandments, short form
  (learned through song)

Classes for preschool (age three by September 1) and kindergarten are Sundays only; 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Parents must re-register their child(ren) each year.

Forms are available here, or in the Church's narthex and faith formation office (church's lower level).

Cost for the program is $70 per child ($80 after July 1), with a maximum of $180. The maximum does not include a $40 sacramental fee for First Communicants (second grade). Financial aid is available for those in need. Download a financial aid form here.


2016-2017 Faith Formation calendar: Google Calendar
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We follow the Carmel Clay holiday schedule.



About OLMC Children's Faith Formation

The OLMC Children's Faith Formation (CFF) program aims to help children develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, while fostering a love for the Bible, the Church, and all of God's creation. We accomplish this by planting seeds of knowledge about God through formation in the four pillars found in the Catechism: Creed (Scripture and Tradition), Liturgy and Sacraments, Catholic morality, and prayer.

For any questions, please contact the parish office at 317-846-3878 or email .



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