Adult Faith Formation

What is Adult Faith Formation?

Jesus called out to the first apostles and disciples, "Follow me." (Matt. 4:19) His call was to a lifelong commitment of walking with him that changed their lives, and the world, forever. His final instruction to the Church was to "Go make disciples." (Matt. 28:19). Adult Faith Formation exists to provide opportunities for people to personally encounter Jesus Christ and to follow after him as he makes them his disciples. 

As we grow our Faith Formation opportunities we will insure that they help all parishioners:

  • Celebrate our Catholic Faith together
  • Understand Catholic beliefs and traditions
  • Model Catholic practices and values
  • Promote a Eucharist-centered life of faith and prayer
  • Support families in the formation of their children
  • Provide training and opportunities for service within the parish
  • Work for social justice
  • Embrace the call to Christian stewardship

Are you looking for ways to deepen your faith life and enrich your understanding of the Catholic Faith?  Click on any of the following links below to find out more about our Faith Formation ministries.

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