Middle School



 Wednesdays, 6:45 - 8:30pm; Parish Hall

Doors open at 6pm for pre-EDGE fun, games, and snacks!



What is EDGE?

EDGE is OLMC’s youth ministry program for 7th and 8th grade students. Each EDGE night includes fellowship, dynamic teaching, small group discussion and activities, and prayer. The program offers junior high youth the opportunity to grow as mature Christian disciples and be authentic witnesses to God’s love and truth in the world.

EDGE follows the “Ecclesial Method,” incorporating the Gather, Proclaim, Break, and Send format:

- Gather: community-building

- Proclaim: dynamic presentations that connect

                   our faith to our daily lives

- Break: small group sessions that have life

              application discussions and do theme

              based activities

- Send: we are sent forth with the challenge to

              live the Gospel

The ecclesial method of youth ministry offers a hands-on approach to learning the faith, and helps youth integrate the Catholic faith into their daily lives. 

Download a registration form below or pick one up in the Church's narthex or faith formation office (Church's lower level). The cost is $60. Financial aid is available for those in need. Download a form here.


     2017-2018 EDGE Registration

     EDGE Calendar -  Google   PDF


Who is the EDGE Core Team?

The Core Team is a group of adults spanning all ages. These amazing people love the Lord and His Church and want to help the junior high youth grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. They work hard to provide a fun, healthy, energetic, and faith-filled environment in which the junior high students may flourish.

Learn more about EDGE and upcoming junior high ministry events at our OLMC EDGE website HERE!

If you can’t make Wednesday EDGE, join us on Sundays!

11am - 12:10pm, OLMC School Library

2017-2018 DIVE Registration

DIVE Calendar - Google   PDF


Letter from the EDGE Director

Dear 7th and 8th graders,

Welcome to Our Lady of Mount Carmel's junior high youth ministry!

Jesus Christ said, “I came that they might have life and have it to the full” (Jn 10:10). And when Jesus says something, he means it!

Why settle for less than fullness of life?  

OLMC EDGE is a place where you can learn about this fullness of life that Jesus promises through dynamic teachings, meaningful small group discussion and activities, and even games and fellowship.

See you there!


Leighton Drake

Director of Children’s Faith Formation and Middle School Ministry

©2017 Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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