Liturgical Ministry: Submit Schedule

The 4Q2017 schedule is now available! If you find any inconsistencies between your schedule and the constraints that you entered into your profile before the due date (August 11th), please send an e-mail to "system_administrator" at describing the problem so that it can be investigated.

The schedule assigns specific Mass readings for ministers in the Reader ministry. The order which ministers are listed on the schedule indicates the reading that the minister is assigned; the minister listed first does the first reading and the minister listed second does the second reading. In addition, individual assignment listings for Readers include the number one or two in parenthesis next to the ministry name to indicate the assigned reading.

Scheduling System Upgrade

We are pleased to announce the upgrade to our scheduling service which has gone live.  The upgrade includes several new features and an improved interface for using the features.  Some highlights of the new features included in this upgrade are:

  1. The ability to opt out of email sub requests for masses that you do not normally attend.
  2. The elimination of the blackout period of two days before the mass date for issuing sub requests.  The new service has no blackout period.
  3. You can now take assignments that are available either because they were unassigned when the schedule was prepared or offered for substitution by the assigned minister right from your personal account.  You no longer have to find that request for substitution email to take an assignment or wait until you get to church to check for unassigned positions.  Every minister is encouraged to use his/her account to find available assignments just before heading to mass.
  4. Transfer your monthly assignment calendar to another compatible calendar using the new calendar export feature of the service.

A more complete description of the new service showing the new interface for accessing the features is found at the following link:

The information below describing the service upon which this upgrade builds is being retained because it still applies to the new service. 

Please report any difficulties you encounter using the new service at:

or send email to "system_administrator" at describing the difficulty you encountered. Help will be forthcoming.

Overview of Other System Features

The OLMC Liturgical Minister Scheduling system provides you with features and capabilities to directly control your information that is used in the scheduling process. Through your password protected account you can:

  • correct or update your personal information,
  • specify the maximum number of times per day and per month you desire to serve,
  • block out dates on your calendar that you cannot serve,
  • view your scheduled times to serve,
  • manage your ministry involvement,
  • specify ministers with whom you need to coordinate schedules,
  • view the overall OLMC liturgical minister schedule,
  • view the liturgical minister roster, and
  • request a substitute for an upcoming assignment that you cannot fulfill.

Accessing Your Account

In order to access your account you will need your user id and password. If you have forgotten these access keys, you can click the "I Forget" button on the login page and follow the instructions displayed. If you do not have an account or cannot use the "I Forget" button, please contact your ministry leader for assistance.

If you have your user id and password, you can access the system by clicking this link to open a new window containing the login page. Enter your user id and password into the fields provided and click the "Login" button to access your account.

Important Dates

In order to have updates to your profile included in the 1Q2018 schedule, they must be entered by November 10th.  Updates entered after that date will be included in the schedule for the following quarter.


Please remember to save your changes by clicking the "Save Changes" button when you are done. You may save your changes multiple times during your visit. Each time the "Save Changes" button is clicked, the changes made up to that point will be recorded.

Privacy Agreement

When you log into your account, if you have not already reviewed the scheduling website's privacy policy, you will be asked to take a moment to review it and to express your agreement to the terms of the policy.  Without your agreement, we cannot keep your information in the system and you will not be scheduled for any ministries. 

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