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*Kick Off Night - Thursday, September 7th

from 7-9 pm - in St. John Paul II Youth Center


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“It was at Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians.” – ACTS 11:26

Antioch Youth Nights are a great opportunity to gather with other teens to praise God through fellowship, music, prayer, talks, and discussions. We meet weekly on Thursdays from 7–9pm in the JPII Youth Center by the sports fields. Antioch meetings are also a wonderful opportunity to make and foster friendships that will support you in your decision to follow Christ and His Church each year.


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“Could you not watch one hour with me?” - Matthew 26:40

As an eighteen year-old young man with a tremendous conversion happening in my life, the place I found the most growth was on my knees in front of Jesus. The Lord has led me to OLMC and it was high on my priority list to establish a Holy Hour right away. With all of the richness of the Church, the one thing that I always tell the youth is: “whatever you can not learn or teach someone else, the Lord can in His presence.” Invite friends to come and pray with you and invite them often. We meet every Saturday night from 8-9PM.

- In Christ, Louis Paiz



A.C.T.S. is an acronym that stands for “Average Catholics in Training to be Saints.” Each meeting begins with the students sharing their experiences, difficulties, and joys in evangelizing. This emphasizes that the work of evangelization isn’t just something done by missionaries in far off places, but it is the work of each Catholic in their specific location and situation. The remainder of the evening is spent discussing whatever is on the minds of the students. Topics include prayer life, Church history, current events, and explaining the faith to various audiences. This group meets on Monday evenings at 7 pm. The location changes to a different student’s home each week, and this location can be found by visiting the Facebook OLMC ACTS page, or by doing a google search for “OLMC ACTS.”


Lisieux Sorority

“How happy I am to see myself imperfect and be in need of God's mercy.” - St. Therese of Lisieux

The purpose of the Lisieux Sorority is to bring high school girls together to create a community that develops “sisterhood” centered around the love of Christ and His Holy Church. With St. Therese as our patron, we seek to imitate her childlike spirituality and follow in her little way of Love. The sisterhood is built on the pillars of Charity, Honesty, Purity, and Simplicity.  Our mission is to LOVE; to love the Lord and to love one another, continually striving to grow in holiness alongside each other as true sisters in Christ. The sorority offers a unique opportunity for sophomore through senior girls to grow in faith together. Girls join the sorority through an invitation process, they make a commitment to their involvement, meet every other week, participate in retreats, special Masses, celebrations, and formal events.

For more information on how to become involved please contact Rebecca Paiz at


Knights of Our Lady

High School boys are eligible to serve as Knights of Our Lady (KOOL), a society of young men dedicated to serving at the altar and living a spiritual life.


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