We currently have openings in 2nd grade.

If you are interested in enrolling your child for the 2017-18 School Year please call our school office        (317) 846-1118 between 9:00am - 2:00pm M-F (summer hours).

The school office is closed during the month of July.  Our email address, , will be monitored periodically.

 Entrance Requirements

Admission to Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is limited to families who are registered in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish and are raising their children in the Catholic Faith.  Our Lady of Mount Carmel School adheres to a policy of non-discrimination and shall admit students of any race, sex, color, or national or ethnic origin.

  1. Applicants for Kindergarten must be five years old on or before August 1.
  2. Applicants for grades 1-6 are accepted into the grade in which they are promoted by their previous school, providing there is an opening in the appropriate grade level (see Priority List). Such acceptance is probationary and is made final only upon receipt of proper transfer of records from the former school and successful performance at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

Mass Attendance

Worship at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish is an essential component in developing our faith life. Your attendance at Mass is an important witness, not only to your children, but to all parish children and adults that regular participation in the sacraments is essential to our way of life as Catholics. This is to be demonstrated by giving a parish envelope in the offertory basket on a regular basis. We encourage you to engage your children in additional forms of daily family prayer as well.

Priority List

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is committed to providing a quality Catholic education for children of our parish families. Admission to the school is limited to families registered to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish.

In situations where there are more applications for admission than there is room available in a class, the following priorities will be used to determine those who are admitted. The definition of a school family is a family with current school children or graduates who have remained a continuous active member of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish.

  1. First priority is given to those students already enrolled at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School who are continuing to the next grade level.
  2. If there is room left after admitting children continuing from the prior grade level, then priority will be given to those children whose families have been registered in the parish for more than 12 months prior to school registration time, and who have children already registered and attending the school.
  3. If there is room left, the next priority will be given to those children whose families have been registered in the parish for more than 12 months prior to school registration time, who do not have children already registered and attending the school.

School and/or Parish personnel will maintain the records and waiting lists that may be needed to administer this policy. At the time registration begins for a new school year, students who are already on a waiting list for a grade will automatically be given first priority on the waiting list for the next grade, if the family re-registers the student within thirty days of the beginning of registration. The school office will try to contact such families to make sure the student still wants to be admitted to the school.

The school administration will have the final decision on any admission matters, whether or not covered by this policy.


  1. Parents of pupils currently in Our Lady of Mount Carmel School are expected to pre-enroll for the coming year on a specified date.
  2. Parents of transfer pupils must fill out appropriate forms and meet with the principal before registration is completed. Priority lists are followed as applicable.

Note: All transfer students entering grades 4 - 8 must meet with an administrator prior to enrollment.

Withdrawal and Transfer

The school must be notified in writing by the parent(s) of a student regarding a decision to transfer a student to another school, including the last day the student will attend classes at OLMC. Please click here to print and complete the Student Withdrawal Form.  All school-owned materials such as textbooks and library books must be returned to school and all fees paid before leaving. Scholastic information will be sent to the new school upon a “request for records” from the new school. All fees and other obligations must be paid prior to the release of the student’s record.


Students experiencing serious academic, behavioral, or social difficulties require special attention. In order to best serve the needs of the child the school may require testing as a requisite for continued enrollment.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel does not provide transportation to or from school.  All transportation to and from school is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.


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