Main Lunch (includes a milk or a water):   $3.50         
Seconds of main entree:  $2.00          Gatorade:     $1.75
Seconds of side items:     $1.00          Water alone: $1.00
Parfait:                              $2.00          Kind Bars:       $2.00
Milk (additional or milk only: $0.50    
                                   Chips:             $1.00



Grade Recess Time Lunch Time "20-minutes"
7th/8th 11:05-11:25 11:30-11:55
1st/2nd 11:05-11:25 11:30-11:55
3rd/4th 11:30-11:55 12:00-12:20
5th/6th 12:00-12:20 12:25-12:45








Lunch Servers:

Our cafeteria relies on volunteers to help serve lunch daily.  The children really love to see their parents and friend's parents in the lunchroom.  Please see the link below to see when you are scheduled.






If you are unable to help on your assigned day, it is your responsibility to find a substitute.  When volunteers do not show, it takes longer to serve the children and they have less time to enjoy their lunch.  Please try to call a friend or someone assigned to another day to see if they can swap with you first.  Below is a short list of people available to sub in the lunchroom. 







Lunch Accounts:

The cafeteria is not able to accept cash payments.  Your student must have a lunch account through in order for them to make purchases.  If you are approved for free/reduced lunch prices you may still need to set up an account to pay for seconds if your child takes advantage of them when they are available.  Please see the links below to connect you to and for instructions on how to set up an account.


Existing users should update their account:

  • Add/Remove students:  click on the add/view students tab
  • Add money to student accounts
  • Update auto-replenish - check the end date for new school year

*Please note that if you have a positive balance for a student that is no longer attending OLMC, please email Caren Myers in the church office at .  She can send you a refund or transfer the balance to another student.  







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