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Current Open Registrations:

 CYO Boy's Basketball Grades 4-8, CYO Boy's and Girl's Volleyball Grade 4-8,  Rec League Boy's and Girl's Basketball Grades 1-3. 


Sports Ministry 

“[I] consider sports as an instrument of education when it fosters high human and spiritual ideals; when it forms youth in an integral way in values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship, solidarity and peace. Surmounting differences of cultures and ideologies, sports offers an ideal occasion for dialogue and understanding among peoples, for building the desired civilization of love. To put into practice these values, based on the dignity of the human person, in face of possible interests that might darken the nobility of sports itself.ʺ
‐ Pope John Paul II (Sept. 16, 2002)

About Us

OLMC Athetic Department is a Catholic Sports Ministry serving Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Carmel Indiana. The Athletic Department is under the leadership of Tim and Tina Fletcher. Tim and Tina have served at OLMC for the last 10 years. OLMC Athletics has a long standing tradition of providing a Catholic sports environment that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual growth for all participants. OLMC has recently developed a new sports ministry format called SportsLeader. This new initiative focuses on Catholic Virtues and high expectations in order to better serve our young athletes.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the OLMC Athletic Department to provide a Catholic sports environment for physical, mental and spiritual growth of OLMC parishioners.

OLMC Athletics is dedicated to bringing all athletes and their families the best Catholic sponsored sporting events possible.

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