1. Coaches are first and foremost educators, and must work in coordination with the parents who are the primary educators of children.  At all times, coaches must be examples of Christ the Teacher and serve as role models for student-athletes to emulate.  They must be messengers of the Parish Mission and ensure that athletic programs embody the Catholic characteristics prevalent at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
  2. Coaches are encouraged to build and create spiritual traditions into their approach to coaching at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Athletic experiences play an important role in the spiritual formation of participants at OLMC.  Genuine and lasting spiritual development is only possible through careful and conscientious preparation by those in leadership positions.  Coaches, as team leaders, are chosen not just to be mentors and role models for student-athletes, but also to be witnesses.  Prayer should become an intentional component to a team’s culture, not just a rushed event before or after a game or practice.  Rather than emphasizing winning, prayers should focus on embodying the spirit of Christianity.


Team Building & Goal Setting

  1. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coaches build teams by:Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coaches grow as individuals by:

    • advancing the athletes’ understanding of their role as members of the communal body of Christ
    • creating a positive and memorable experience that will be cherished by the student-athlete for the rest of his/her life.
  2. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coaches grow as individuals by:

    • modeling character, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and a lived faith.
    • appreciating the moments of grace throughout a season, at times of winning and losing.
  3. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coaches contribute to the parish community by:

    • Infusing the parish mission in all athletic activities
    • Supporting the development of student-athletes as leaders and role models in the greater parish community


The interaction between coaches, athletes and parents is an important part of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Athletics.

  1. Coaches should establish clear procedures and guidelines for communication with athletes and parents that align with the philosophy and mission of OLMC athletics.

  2. E-mail should be used only to communicate basic information, such as time and location of games and practices. 

  3. Discussions of concerns should always be done in person.  If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, a phone call is acceptable. 

  4. Before meetings, establish clear agendas and communicate that certain topics will not be discussed.  (Coaches do not have to discuss playing time, coaching strategies and specific plays, or information pertaining to other athletes)


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