ISport Communication


At Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, it is essential to both demonstrate and teach, respect for all members of the parish community. Within this framework we strive to communicate and build a culture that incorporates love of sport, copmetition and positive relationships.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coaches will ensure that clear procedures and guidelines for communication with athletes and parents are followed and that they align with the philosophy and mission of OLMC athletics.


In real life situations, it is important that Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coaches, staff and volunteers practice what is taught within our community.

An example  would be during an OLMC try‐out. No parent should evaluate their own son/daughter. OLMC will work with sport commissioners to find evaluators that have no personal stake in the outcome of the evaluation. Team placements will be held in accordance to the CYO or In‐house structure.


When representing Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Athletics, how we interact with others is important especially within:

  1. Language that we use should be appropriate and constructive at all times. Coaches are expected to not only monitor their own language, but they should also set and enforce standards of appropriate language for their athletes. This includes, but is not limited to swearing, harassment, exclusionary language, sexual innuendo, personal attacks, and unsportsmanlike gestures.

  2. Treatment of opponents - Although opponents are not a part of our school/Parish community, they are members of the larger body of Christ and should be treated as such. Coaches should model such respect for their athletes and should instruct players on how to welcome their opponents and all visitors in a way that conveys a sense of hospitality and community.


Player-Coach-Parent Communication
Responsible Conversation

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