Parent Involvement

“It is incumbent upon parents to cooperate closely with the school teachers to whom they entrust their children to be educated; in fulfilling their duty teachers are to collaborate closely with parents who are willingly heard and for whom associations or meetings are to be inaugurated and held in great esteem.” (Code of Canon Law, 796)



Our Lady of Mt. Carmel coaches and administrators respect the primacy of the parents as the first teachers of their student‐athletes, and will partner with parents in the formation of student‐athletes. Parents and other members of the community play a vital role in the holistic education of children including students’ participation in parish‐sponsored athletics. Together, all stakeholders should actively work to ensure that the Catholic mission and identity of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel permeates the athletics program.

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Top Ways to Support your Student‐Athlete

  1. Be present – Show up to games, cheer, and support our teams!

  2. Be positive – Children learn from modeling. When talking about the game, season, performances and decision‐making, please share the gift of a positive outlook on life! Make sure that your child knows that win or lose; he/she is loved and supported.

  3. Encourage independence – Encourage student‐athletes to be responsible for the care of their athletic gear and to be prepared for practices and games. In addition, student‐athletes should speak directly with their coach about any questions and/or concerns.

  4. Observe the “24 Hour Cushion” – As do all good educators, OLMC coaches will naturally and deliberately reflect on game situations and decisions. Please allow coaches the time they need to process their decisions before approaching them with any questions. As stated above, coaches need not discuss playing time, coaching strategies and specific plays, or information pertaining to other athletes.



Model Our Lady of Mt. Carmel behavior expectations for visiting spectators – Take pride in our athletic program and model for visitors how we:

  1. Cheer for our team rather than against our opponents.
  2. Respect the integrity and authority of game officials.
  3. Allow coaches to coach without criticism from the spectators.
  4. Help clean up at the end of athletic events.




Model Positive Behavior
Setting Goals

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