Sports Council

sports_header1Who We Are:

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel sports council is a small group of parishioners that
meet once a month to discuss and work on sports related issues. This group is made up
of a variety of lay men and women who show special interest in athletics at OLMC.
The Pastor directly appoints sports council members. New council members can be
recommended by the current sports council members or through contacting the Athletic
Director. Each council member serves a 3-year term. Any board member can be
removed at any time by a 2/3 vote of the current council members or at the discretion of
the Pastor.

What We Do:

The primary role of the sports council is to be an objective advisory board for the
Athletic Director. Each sports council member will be given a variety of roles to fulfill
and will be expected to take an active part in all OLMC athletics. Some of the specific
duties of a sports council member include (but not limited to); helping with sport
evaluations, give input on coaching appointments, develop the sports budget, discuss
any problems, and give input on how to improve all aspects of OLMC sports.

When We Meet:

Council meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30pm. OLMC
sports financial statements are available at each meeting. Meetings are open; however,
if you wish to address the council you must call the sports office to be added to the

Town Hall meetings are held twice a year. They are open to everyone and offer an
opportunity to ask questions or make comments. Dates will be posted in the bulletin
and on the sports web site.

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